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Rocky Mountains and Cattle Ranches

When days become longer and temperatures rise it’s tough to keep kids inside and motivated (let’s face it, we find it tough to be motivated when the sun is shining and the birds are singing) so at this time of year I like to take our lessons outside. Since EJ is studying Alberta this year, we decided to take our first springtime road trip to Cochrane, a short half-hour drive from Calgary. This is a popular choice for folks in our city since the town boasts some of the best ice cream you have ever tasted (we'll get to that later.)
But there is more to Cochrane than ice cream alone. It is also home to the Historic Cochrane Ranche, the original site of Alberta’s first major cattle operation. Established in 1881 when Senator Matthew Cochrane leased 100,000 acres of land from the Canadian government (for a penny an acre according to our social studies text) and drove thousands of head of cattle north from Montana. This helped establish the federal grazing-land policy that, in turn, bu…

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